torell allen“This program has changed our lives the program really works and we recommend everyone to get involved. Dean and his team have been very helpful in helping us find and purchase tax liens and we thank you.” – Torell Allen

Denise Balya“I have successfully acquired 6 tax lien certificates and plan to purchase more in the very near future.” – Denise Balya

Ken hedrick“The web site provided me useful information on online auctions and that's where I made my first purchases. I've also purchased a couple of tax liens on the Buy Direct portion of the web site.” – Ken Hedrick

Maria Butner“I wanted to express my gratitude for all the help I received during my challenging moments. The staff and customer service every time I had questions they were there to help and I had many questions. I was very nervous and had a great fear of the unknown. I finally took the leap and found what I could buy at the time. I loved the first presentation we went to where he opened my eyes to other methods of earning additional income. I especially loved this story of how Dean bought the property in New York through a tax deed sale I was born and raised in New York and never knew of such an opportunity. WOW!!! That was awesome! I have crossed one bridge and am excited to move forward to more exciting deals I may find through Tax Liens and Tax Deed sales! I mostly purchased Tax Liens in a developers project and I hope it turns out that I could possibly get it and build on that land if I did my research correctly.” – Maria Butner

Interactive Tax Lien Map

Find dates and locations of tax sales across the country in an organized, easy to read format.

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