About Us

About UsTaxLienTutor is a tax lien investment education company. We provide the tools and techniques to combine the power of tax lien investing with real world real estate opportunities! The following are services we provide:

Education: We pride ourselves in providing a premium tax lien education to our students in written, audio, and book format. Eager investors learn what tax lien investing really is, how to find tax liens efficiently, how to properly conduct research, and more.

Current Lien Lists and auctions: Our lien lists are updated regularly so that student investors have a resource to find available liens and lien auctions. Our research on these potentially saves an enormous amount of time for them, allowing more time to focus on investing.

Notes for Sale: We have available Tax Liens for our students, found using the same methods that we teach in our training. These liens are available for purchase so that our investor students can get a jump start on their Tax Lien investing.

Interactive Tax Lien Map

Find dates and locations of tax sales across the country in an organized, easy to read format.

Articles & Resources On Investing In Tax Liens & Deeds